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The past three years of trials on all Piston Valved Sopranos, Cornet, Trumpets, Flugel Horns and Tenor Horns has clearly shown that just a 3rd Valve Heavy Bottom Cap is by far the most effective and popular, aiding note-centering, sound projection and a general greater ease of playing. Equally so for a 4th Valve Heavy Bottom Cap for Euphoniums. 

The Science behind the HBC is that it Adds Mass which Attenuates the Harmonic Partials. 

In tests, extra HBCs on the remaining 1st & 2nd (3rd for Euphs) valve bottoms actually reduced the benefits that just the single 3rd Valve HBC (or 4th for Euphs) produced, so we recommend you just use an HBC on your 3rd or 4th Valve Casing for the best results.

Try one on our Without Obligation 1 Month Approval facility worldwide to see for yourself; anywhere in the world.


Our HBCs are made in the UK to the closest of tolerances by computer-controlled lathes and diamond cutters ensuring the highest quality. Every thread is machined specifically to suit each make and model of the various instruments we mention.

Each HBC is highly polished and Electro-plated 

with 24 Microns of Bright Silver Plating.